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May 15, 2011 by

I am really proud of my lawn this year. It took work, but my front yard looks like a golf course this spring and my backyard also has lush green grass from fence to fence. The best part is that I have used no chemicals and relied on water, good mowing cycles and sunshine to get it this green.

It all starts with healthy soil. You can check out your soil by taking samples to the Tulsa County Extension Office at 4116 E. 15th Street at Gate 6 of Expo Square. The soil test costs ten dollars and takes a week or two for results. Collect samples from four to six inches deep from all over the property and mix them in a small, clean plastic bucket.

The standard test includes soil reaction pH, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K). If deficient, each can be easily added and the proper balance will lead to a healthy lawn for years to come. A teaspoon of healthy soil contains almost 4 billion organisms. Healthy soil also includes loose soil structure that allows air, water and nutrients to facilitate easy root growth. Healthy soil also stores water until the plants need it and helps protect against pests and diseases.

We are completely mulching each time we mow. I hired a crew to do the work early this spring because of our busy work schedule and selected a contractor who had good equipment. I also installed a new mulching blade on my mower to start doing the work myself. Any mower can be made a mulching mower by simply mowing slowly without a bag and adding a mulching blade to chop the clippings a few more times. The smaller the pieces of cut grass, the faster they decompose.

I watered liberally during the dry month of April, and Mother Nature did the watering during May. It is important to water every week during the spring and summer. I leave the sprinklers on for about an hour to give the lawn about an inch of water. To make sure it was an inch, I put out some shot glasses around and checked back when they were full before I shut off the faucet.

Good soil, a little work, and proper watering makes my lawn as green as possible. My grass does look a lot like a golf course. Just don’t bring any golf clubs when you visit.

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