Mother’s Day

May 1, 2011 by

This weekend is when we celebrate Mother’s Day. It is a day to thank all mothers for the life they have given us. I think it is important to not only thank your own mother, but to thank all mothers including grandmothers, sisters who are moms, and even Mother Earth. Yes, Mother Earth also deserves some thanks for the life given us.

Why do we refer to the Earth in a feminine way? It is probably because the planet nurtures and protects us just like a mother would. The planet produces oxygen for our first and continual breaths while also protecting us from the harm of the sun. The planet provides us with food and naturally replenishes it with each new season. While we speak of mothers when we think of new, we give masculine attributes to things like aging.

Father Time usually is saved for when we need to make a comment about how things have gotten old. Everybody loves babies, but very few of us just coo when we see an older person. I am not bitter about this. Older is better, especially if you are a scotch whiskey or firewood. If anything, men can appreciate that women have the harder job, especially when discussing raising a family.

Mother Earth may also be old, but she continues to provide us many new things. The trees have new leaves, the animals’ new babies, and fresh rain for all. Mother Earth can even take old things and compost them into new soil. Even when humans cause pollution, the earth can clean itself over time. Look no further than last week when the rains made everything green and alive. Just like all mothers, Mother Earth is amazing. We should all revel in her wonders, not just on this Sunday, but every day of the year.

I thank my mother, my grandmother, and my wife (mother to my kids) for all they have done to help make me the person I am today. I also thank Mother Earth for helping give me the opportunity to show my appreciation. This year, give the mothers in your life something that comes directly from our other mother. I plan to get mine some wonderful flowers and even build a new garden at my home for my wife. That way, Mother Earth can help provide beauty and even a few tomatoes for her this Mother’s Day.

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