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A Friend of the M.e.t. is a Friend of the Environment

Friends of the M.e.t., Inc. is defined as a charitable and educational organization that provides support for the promotion, education and operations of the Metropolitan Environmental Trust (The M.e.t.), its member communities and the state of Oklahoma.

This special group of donors includes citizens, public officials, non-profit groups, students and local companies who donate their time and money to support the M.e.t.’s mission. With over 120 individuals with disabilities working for the M.e.t., your donation will truly make an impact. It not only provides our community with opportunities to make changes for tomorrow but opens the conversation on environmental issues to local policy makers.

Friends of the M.e.t., Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that works in conjunction with the Metropolitan Environmental Trust (The M.e.t.).  This trust believes in developing and implementing integrated and comprehensive solid waste management systems along with participating governments. The systems shall be environmentally sound, financially feasible, operationally efficient, and shall meet the long-range needs of the beneficiaries. Currently The M.e.t. has 13 recycling drop-off centers in Tulsa and metro area. The M.e.t. also conducts hazardous waste events and awareness. Friends of the M.e.t., Inc. was set up to help pay for these projects. Friends of the M.e.t., Inc. helps fund educational brochures and speeches on recycling and environmental issues in schools, church groups, neighborhood organizations, city governments and more. Once a year in the spring, the Organization sponsors an expo in downtown Tulsa which allows environmental groups to display their progress and information. Lastly Friends of the M.e.t., Inc. sponsors a banquet in the fall of every year to honor the wonderful recycling heros of Oklahoma.


The Bylaws for Friends of the M.e.t., Inc.

Click to view a PDF: Friends of the Met Bylaws

Friends of the M.e.t. Certification

Click to view a PDF: Friends of the M.e.t. Certificate

The Board of Directors

Director, President – Jill Norman

Director, Secretary/Treasurer – Paula Hubbard

Director – Michael Willis

Director -Michael Phillips

Director – Michael Patton

Director – Rob Werley

Friends of the M.e.t., Inc. Agendas

January 2014
August 2013
July 2013
June 2013
May 2013

Levels of Membership

There are multiple membership levels to choose from when you become a Friend of the M.e.t.!

Student/Retiree/Military $15
Individual $50
Family $100
Non-Profit/Government $100
Corporate $250/ $500/ $1000/$2500/$5000

As a Friend of the M.e.t. your donation is tax deductible and you will receive regular issues of The M.e.t. newsletter, “Green Scene”.
Also you will receive a car window cling identifying you as a Friend and a pencil made from recycled material. Select the donation button below and enter the amount you would like to donate. Email us or call us at 918-584-0584 for more information. Thank You!