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Go Green With Spring, Enviro Expo

Posted: Apr 17, 2013 5:51 AM CDT
Updated: Apr 17, 2013 5:54 AM CDT
Posted by: Kim Jackson

The Metropolitan Environmental Trust is inviting you to go green with spring.  This year is the 15th annual Enviro Expo. But it is also a chance for you to continue becoming more environmentally aware and responsible.

For instance, Americans use 25 billion styrofoam cups every year.  One aluminum can save enough energy to run a TV for three years. At the M.E.T. recycling centers, they say Tulsans are doing much better with recycling.

The M.E.T. is pushing the idea of recycling, not any particular item. The goal is to help celebrate the Earth with activities.  The M.E.T. says since the new recycling cart program with the city of Tulsa, people are reaching deep, and bringing all kinds of recyclables.

The M.E.T centers take all kinds of things that you cannot put into your home recycling bin.  They accept all kinds of batteries, cooking oil and even motor oil from your car.

“We get 20 thousand gallons of oil. One gallon of oil can contaminate a million gallons of water, which is what household will use in ten years,” said Michael Patton, executive director of the M.E.T.

The Enviro Expo happens at the Main Mall in downtown Tulsa today, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  They will have booths and plenty of experts to help you become more environmentally aware.

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