Letter to the Editor: Resolve to recycle

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By Michael Patton, Tulsa
Published: 1/6/2013  2:23 AM
Last Modified: 1/6/2013  7:46 AM

I urge everyone to use the 2013 new year as an opportunity to make a simple change in your habits that will really make a big difference for all of us. That change is to recycle everything you can.

There are two easy steps to recycling. One, learn the items that are more valuable than trash and two, get them into a recycling cart or a recycling center. It is that simple. Tulsa is making recycling much easier with new curbside carts and all area residents now have reasonable access to recycling through scattered metro locations collecting materials as well. If you are not recycling, you are wasting the opportunity to do many good things and one of the most positive of these is new job creation.

Today there are more than 2,000 direct jobs in northeast Oklahoma that either collect, sort, haul or manufacture new goods using recyclables as raw materials. Last year saw millions of dollars spent on both recycling sorting equipment and new locally produced trucks to meet the new demand. Recycling bins made it into public spaces such as running events and government buildings and a pilot program was started to collect recyclables from some convenience stores.

Recycling saves energy, lessens the need to build new disposal facilities, reduces the need to mine the Earth or cut down trees, and in Oklahoma creates jobs. This is both the time and the place to recycle everything you can. In 2013, resolve to recycle.

Editor’s note: Patton is the executive director of the Tulsa-based Metropolitan Environmental Trust.

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