Latex Paint

Before getting rid of latex paint, try to use the whole can or give it to a friend, family member, neighbor or local high school art or drama department. Latex paint is not hazardous once dried out. To dispose of latex paint, mix cat litter, shredded newspaper, or waste paint hardener with it to dry it out. Waste paint hardener can be found at home improvement stores. When it is completely dried out, contact your trash hauler to see if they will pick it up. Tulsa residents, see City of Tulsa Refuse, below.

City of Claremore
The City of Claremore trash collection will collect latex paint, dried out, lids off, in the garbage. 

City of Tulsa Refuse | 918-596-9777
The City of Tulsa will collect latex paint, dried out. Once the paint is dried out, place it in a plastic bag and then into your City of Tulsa trash container.

Stericycle| 918-587-9664
2120 Southwest Blvd., Tulsa, OK 74107

Lead Paint

Burnside & Associates | 918-630-8557

National Lead Hotline | 800-424-5323

Oil-Based Paint

City of Tulsa Household Pollutant Facility | 918-591-4325

Stericycle| 918-587-9664
2120 Southwest Blvd., Tulsa, OK 74107